Senin, 31 Maret 2014

The U.S. military Pessimistic Find Black Box MH370

Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight search is being conducted by various countries . In addition to looking for the best pieces of Beijing 's goal , the search also began to be directed into the plane's black box , which is key to help uncover the loss of the aircraft .

But unfortunately , there is pessimism search black box with 239 people , including passengers and the flight crew .

Launch the Sydney Morning Herald , Sunday, March 30, 2014 , Chief of Naval Operations U.S. , Captain Mark Matthews , threw the discordant tone detector because the limited ability of the black box under the sea , Towed Pinger Locator ( TPL ) , which was brought by the Australian Navy ships , Ocean Shield . Australian ship is also equipped with underwater drome .

Captain Matthews reasoned , the Australian defense ship would not be able to arrive in the search area of ​​319 thousand square kilometers in three to four days . Meanwhile , the beacon on the black box can only survive four days .

" It all depends on how effectively we narrow the search area , " said Matthews who have been involved in the discovery of the black boxes of Air France 447 , which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean some time ago .

Problem quest mentioned in the Indian Ocean , Matthew also more unsure . He calls these waters can be difficult , time required for percarian untenable .

Matthew adds , TPL search tools also can only detect emission from the black box in just a distance of 1.6 km from flares black box . To be more effective , he added , TPL must draw a black box with a speed of 5 miles per hour .

It also reveals the flare black box can last a maximum of 45 days , while the plane was missing for more than three weeks .

Pessimistic Matthews also based on the exact location is still mysterious plane crash . Suppose a fragment discovered at the site , could be the point of actual aircraft hundreds of miles from the findings of the pieces .

In this position , it is only relying on marine experts to help determine the actual position of the aircraft . So far , finding pieces by satellite and aircraft search state ship also to no avail . Small pieces of marine litter is not only the best part MH370 .

Until now , 8 ships and 10 aircraft from various countries are still looking for the best in the Indian Ocean . The power of search will also increase with the arrival of Air Force C - 130 belonging to Malaysia will be joined on Monday next week . Air Force 's pending departure , due to technical problems .

Full search is still in the hands of Malaysia under the rules of international protocol . Meanwhile , analysis of the crash and the black box will be held in Australia .

Equalized Crimea to Moscow Time

Ukraine crisis continues to heat up . Although Ukraine and the world did not recognize the referendum citizens who choose to join the Crimea with Russia , Crimea still think has gone from Ukraine and is now part of Russia .

Demonstrate this , Crimean residents perform ceremonies removal time . They gathered at the station in the capital city of Crimea , Simferopol , to advance the time for 2 hours , equating to the time zone of Russia .

Reported by Channel News Asia , Sunday, March 30, 2014 , Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov Crimea , officially moving clockwise from 22 o'clock number to 00.00 local time ( GMT +4 ) which is Moscow time .

The Aksyonov action drew applause Crimea people waving Russian flags . Following the removal of the time zone , local media Crimea , Krymskaya Gazeta inform all citizens that the time zone changes can affect health .

" We appealed to people more attention to their health , because the time zone changes can disrupt sleep up to hormonal changes that trigger depression , " wrote the local newspaper .

Nevertheless, the regional government spokeswoman Lyudmila Crimea Mokhova optimistic citizens can quickly adapt . " Indeed there will be some difficulty in adjusting the new time , but we were all excited , " he said .

The statement echoed Mokhova Simferopol residents . " It only took three days to adapt . The rest , we will do activities together with other Russian citizens , "said Gleb Kulikov .

Outside the spirit and optimism of their residents joining together the Crimea with Russia , the West and Ukraine continued to press Russia to release their grip over the autonomous region of Ukraine .

Russian troops still entrenched in the Land of the Crimea . In fact , tens of thousands of Russian soldiers reportedly already on standby in the Russian - Ukrainian border region . Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was entitled to take back the Crimea from Ukraine , regarding the historical record stating that Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev , had made ​​a mistake by giving the Crimea in Ukraine in 1954 .

Minggu, 30 Maret 2014

Australia Involving Black Box Detector to find MH370

International search to find a Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 enhanced with the power of 10 aircraft and eight ships in the southern Indian Ocean .

An Australian ship that is equipped with a black box and a detector capable of picking up signals from a depth of 6,000 meters below sea level was involved .

On Saturday , a number of objects removed from the water but have not yet confirmed whether the object came from the missing plane .

A number of relatives of passengers of Chinese nationality have arrived in the capital of Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur , where the plane took off .

They say do not get enough information and would like to meet with the prime minister and the transport minister of Malaysia directly .

" We have questions we want to ask them directly , " said Wang Chunjiang that his brother was one of the passengers MH370 .

Meanwhile, Minister of Transport [ interim ] Malaysia Hishammuddin Hussein on Saturday said the search would continue .

" The most difficult part of my job is to meet with the family , " he said .

" I always say we have always hoped to find passengers for , " he added .

The Malaysian government has concluded that based on satellite data , the plane flew into the region in the south Indian Ocean .

Until now there is no trace was found.

National Olympic Stadium Tokyo newly redesigned

Japan Sports Council (JSC) was forced to redesign the design of the new building of the National Olympic Stadium Tokyo for the Olympics either in 2020 or 2020 Olympics Paralimpic 2020. This is done following a very heavy snowfall in Tokyo 14 to February 17, 2014 last. 

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The new stadium should be able to open and close the roof is made of glass fiber. 
"But the heavy snow last February, the draft is expected to cause problems on the roof of the stadium so that the JSC decided to change the design and the work will be delayed until next April,". 

The new station will be made at a cost of at least 12 billion yen and electricity usage every day eventually expected to reach 10,000 yen, especially for efforts to open and close the roof of the station, at a time open the lid. 

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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Japan also been warned and asked great attention to the JSC that incident last snow then it becomes a serious consideration, so there is no problem in 2020. 

Similarly, the JSC will review all cost calculations (cost) that can be held down again by changing here and there and the use of technological advances in Japan.

Sabtu, 29 Maret 2014

First Time in Japan, Dead Convict Freed from Prison

First time in the history of law in Japan, a convict, was sentenced to death already (September 1968), but on Thursday (03/27/2014) at 10 am in Tokyo instead released from all penalties and released from prison. Defendant out of jail free Tokyo around 17:15 pm. 

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Genesis 1966 in Shizuoka City, in the case of murder and robbery of four people of a family whose father served as Senior Manager Miso manufacturing company who was killed, a former professional boxer, Hakamata Iwao (now 78 years), which was originally (1968), was sentenced to death, now Thursday (27/03/2014) received the Shizuoka District Court's decision, in fact released from prison Tokyo. He was released from detention and became free from the death penalty. This is the first time in Japan. 

Presiding Judge Hiroaki Murayama finally got a much protest rally community members around the court. Even local people are not few who say that the evidence corroborating the defendant himself may be falsified and various other allegations of dissatisfaction. 

One of the corroborating evidence was turned out DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) blood does not match the DNA evidence of blood on the defendant's shirt, pants and clothes covered in blood. Hakamata is a former staff of the Miso manufacturing company. 

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Responding to the demands of the prosecutor will file objections and turning back as this process will still take place when done four or five years back in court continues. Nevertheless Hakamata already be free is outside the current corresponding court decision on Thursday (03/27/2014) yesterday.

China Urges Malaysian Open Data Plane Malaysia Airlines

The Chinese government asked the Malaysian authorities in order to open the data plane, which could reinforce the conclusion MH370 fate of the aircraft. 

Especially, to reinforce the statements made Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, that the plane had been lost in the southern Indian Ocean and the southern part of the passengers were killed. 

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As reported by Xinhua, as many as 153 people on board the fateful flight is a citizen of China. 
Family members of the passengers, complained of the lack of reliable information. They are confident that Malaysia does not provide complete information. 

Quoted the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Xie Hangsheng, that he had asked the Malaysian Ambassador in Beijing China's demand to know the specific facts of the missing plane. 

The search process on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 today, is likely to be delayed in the next few days. 

The problem, the Bureau of Meteorology predicts the existence of a threat of high waves in the waters of the Indian Ocean can reach four to nine meters. 

Under these conditions, will be increasingly difficult for search debris allegedly part of the missing plane. Ocean currents can carry, or can be then sink to the ocean floor. 

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Australian maritime security Otoriras explained that the wind will be blowing pretty hard up to a speed of 80 kilometers per hour at the location of the search. This condition, feared to endanger search crews. 

They ensure that the search this morning will likely be delayed until the next day. It was also when the weather back lets do a search. If not, the search process can be delayed until the next few days. 

The search for the plane carrying 239 passengers and crew is, increasingly focused on the southern region of the Indian Ocean.

Kamis, 27 Maret 2014

Passengers family MH370 : Malaysia Is Truly Hangman

Relatives of passengers on Malaysia Airlines MH370 , assesses the Government of Malaysia has become " executioner " for their loved ones .

In a statement from the Committee of the Chinese family , the family said that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak released a statement about the fate of the missing plane without any direct evidence .

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" Since March 8 , when they announced that the MH370 lost contact until this day , 18 days passed and during the Malaysian government and military are constantly trying to delay , deceive passengers and families around the world , " the statement said .

" Behavior is not only shameful trick and hurt families of 154 passengers ( from China ) , but also misleading and delay the rescue action , throwing a large amount of human and material resources as well as the loss of valuable time for rescue efforts . "

" If it was indeed killed 154 passengers , then Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government and military are actually the executioner who killed them . We are a family of people who are on the plane expressed strong protest against them . We will do everything possible to pursue an unforgivable crime and responsibility of the third party . "

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China reacted unsure and skeptical about the announcement of Malaysia . The Chinese government demanded more details about how investigators reached the conclusion that the flight MH370 has " ended up in the South Indian Ocean " .